carlopeto's blownglass mini liqueur bottles - RYNBENDE

RYNBENDE - Blown Glass Figurals


Click on any picture below to enlarge and see other angles


Cute                                                Paradise Bird                                                               Geese        

         Penguins                                                   Swan 1                                 Swan2                                        Parrot

Googly eyed birds                                                          Roosters                                                       Flamingo

Ostrich                                       Swan (black wings)                                       Goose                                       "Macho" Rooster

Royal Swan

Other Animals

          Camel                                       Dog with green ears                            Horse                            Deer

Elephant                                         Fish                                                    Fox     

Kangaroo                     Hare                                                     Elephants                                   

Silver Fox                                         Cat                                         Bull


WANTED (other Rynbende blown glass pieces)


Googly-eyed bird long beak                             Pelican                           Mallard               Bird with long beak      

Female goat                                       Elk                                       Male Deer                                       Camel

Mouse                                       Pheasant                                       Bear                                       Penguin

Striped Giraffe                 Googly Eyed Bird                       Stork                                      Bull         

       Bird                                       Moose                                          Dog (pink ears)                           Pig (pink ears)

         Rooster                                     Crane                                 Alligator                              Fancy penguin

Slim penguin                       Pelican                                      Dolphin                                    Piglet (pink ears)        

       Cute bird                                      Airplane                                    Ballerina                         Standing Horse

Caroussel                                      Bull                                           Crocodile                                            Frog

Crazy Rooster                       Crazy Lapwing                       Funny Rooster                         Blowfish

Bear 2                                          Bird                                               Dove      

Chameleon                         Alert Cat                         Googly eyed bird                         Parrot

Cool Rooster                         Long Giraffe                         Plum (fruit)