Front view of the main bottle room 
on the first floor. Displays are double sided. Rear shelves and walls are full of minibottles. An angled view of the main bottle room 
on the first floor. Front side only. There's a lot more on the rear side of the shelves. Angled view of the rear shelves. Part of French cognac porcelain jewels: Godet, Castagnon, Volare, Camus, Sempe. Part of cognac and whisky porcelain jewels: Hine, Janneau, Pascal Dumont, McGibbons, Garnier. Rear wall: a few Dutch characters and Schafer & Vater creamers and hip flasks. Rear shelves. Cazanove and Cointreau, French miniature liqueur bottles. Rear shelves: Luxardo Faenza. Rear wall: Looney Tunes and various Italian and British pieces. Some Schafer & Vater hip flasks. Dug's Nevada Brothels decanters, complete set . A few Luxardo and Mohawk pieces. Random stuff . Italian 'Marchi' pieces. Italian 'marble stone' mini liquor bottles. Larsen 'Drakkar' ships, large and miniature. Chinese mini liquor bottles. Large Drioli bottles and miniature books. Architecture #8. Drioli. French minis, Giffard, Sempe, etc. Fruits and a few blown glass. Rare blown glass miniature bottles. Bottles shaped like books. Bells whisky. Cazanove, Old Store and Italian figurals. French cognac. Beneagles. Black & White whisky mini barrels. Linfa Salus Hanna Barbera, Liqueur Mab and Droz Rutherford's Royal Family & Manchester United. Minis from Portugal, Neto Costa. Book\ shape. Dutch characters. Rynbende animals. MBC (USA). Garnier Denbac. Groppi et al. Chess sets. Garnier Denbac. Hulstkamp. Luxardo figurals. Luxardo. McLech bowling pins. McLech Ye Olde Pub Handle. Greek ouzo. Schafer & Vater brown and blue hip flasks. Schafer & Vater multicolored hip flasks. Schafer & Vater drinkometers. Secondary blown glass mini liquor bottles. Dug's Nevada Brothels, part 1. Dug's Nevada Brothels, part 2. Dug's Nevada Brothels, part 3. Cars, trains and motorcycles. McLech bowling pins. MBC figurals. Certosa flasks. Certosa figurals. Glass pieces and guitars. Miniature liquor bottles from Argentina. Architecture 1. Architecture 2. Architecture 3. Architecture 4. Architecture 5. Architecture 6. Architecture 7. Architecture 8. Architecture 9. Architecture 10. Architecture 11. Architecture 12. Architecture 13.