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David Smith was born in the UK, and though still young, he has been collecting miniature bottles for many, many years.

Currently he resides in New Zealand, where he has lived for almost 30 years.




Below you can read about David's collection, from his own words:




How long have you been collecting miniature liqueur bottles?

David: Since 1978



How many minis do you have in your collection today?

David: About 7,600



Wow - you are really committed. Where and how did you start?

David: I emigrated to New Zealand in 1978. The house I bought had a small bar that had a bare wall behind the bar.

I put a shelf up with a few miniatures on for decoration. You can guess what happened then......

Found some additional space, bought a few more, kept on increasing the number of miniature bottles...

the collection rapidly extended to new walls and new rooms, and here I am, like many other collectors,

surrounded by thousands of miniature bottles.



Do you specialize in any specific kind?

David: I specialise in 4 areas:

Microminis (at 3,600 I believe that I have the world’s largest collection of these),

New Zealand Bottles,

Ceramics & Fancy Glass,

and Personalised Beam Bottles.



David's "Bottle Room" in New Zealand



Which are your favorite bottles?

DavidI can’t say that I really have a favorite. I have lots of minis I like. All are on-line so judge for yourself:




click above: a small sample of David's flicker bottles and architectural minis


How would you describe yourself as a collector?

David:  Passionate


Where do you find most of your bottles?

David: It depends on which area of collecting.

New Zealand bottles generally are found in local bottle stores (new) or junk shops (second hand).

Ebay is a good source of my other areas of specialty.



What is limiting your ability to grow your collection even further?

David:  Like in everyone else's case: Space, money, time, availability,

although as I have recently moved house and built a new bottle room and bar I have plenty of space – for now!



Talk to us about your involvement with any mini bottle clubs

DavidFor 25 years I have either been editor of miNiZ, the newsletter of Port Nicholson Miniature Bottle Club

(the national New Zealand club) or a member of the club committee.

 As for the MMBC in the USA, I am not a member but have been to several shows.



Any advice or comment for fellow collectors?

David Specialise as soon as possible or your collection runs away with itself

– there are hundreds of thousands of bottles out there!

Get involved with one or more of the clubs – they keep our hobby together









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