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Jim Ruff lives in the UK. Our paths crossed when we both started bidding on the same stuff on ebay.

Sometimes I also bought mini bottles from him. We developed a "friendship in the distance".

Jim is married to the lovely Karen and they  have three children: twin boys James and Tony, and daughter Jenny.



above: click to see the "Clan Ruff"



Below you can read about Jim's collection, from his own words:




How long have you been collecting miniature liqueur bottles?

Jim: About 7 years, but since 2003, when I discovered ebay, my collecting has really taken off.



I think I know ebay (ahem)... How did you start?

Jim: It was my sister who got me hooked on Drioli's.

Her boyfriend used to collect and I always admired them when we visited, then one Christmas as present from them

I received 6 Drioli miniature bottles and that was it.  I managed to collect several more from boot sales,

fairs and antique centres but as I've said when I searched for Drioli for the first time on ebay I was smitten....




Hmm... dangerous. Many collectors can relate to that. So, what type of bottles do you focus on?

Jim: I collect Drioli, Luxardo and Boccaccio as my main collection, but also Valenti, Vlahov, Alpa, Borghini,

Duca d'Asti, Cucchi and Certosa ceramics. I did start to collect anything Italian but Carlos "carlopeto" in his

wisdom put me right on space and size and I now specialise in only these few makes.


I have around 400 bottles in my collection, all ceramic and mostly minis.





above: click on each panel to see Jim's Italian miniatures



That is a nice amount, considering that you only focus on 10 brands of Italian ceramic bottles.

Pity you have to compete with carlopeto! I assume the Drioli collection is your largest.

How many Drioli's do you currently have?

Jim:  -------


above: Jim also collects large Italian bottles


Knowing that space availability is always an issue, where do you keep or display your bottles?

Jim: I have recently completed a display unit in the lounge/diner.

There are already 2 full cabinets of minis in the living room.



Haha..... I know the feeling! I believe your wife enjoys the minis too, am I right?

Jim: Indeed, my wife Karen luckily enough likes the ceramic bottles and has almost got

all but 2 of the Bols houses!

I also sell on ebay as "176jim" to supplement my addiction (sorry... meant collection).




That's all folks! Beware of Jim Ruff when bidding on a Drioli or Luxardo he does not have...

Better be "sweet" to him and buy some miniatures from "176jim".





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