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Collectors from North America

mini miniature liqueur liquor bottles minibottles

     George Lisenko (CALIFORNIA).      The largest Vodka collection in the world, plus... great figurals!

                  John Sullivan (ARIZONA).                   A great resource for vodka collectors, and whisky too!

            Gary Evans (NEW YORK).             The complete set of Dug's Nevada Brothel decanters

    Jim Crawford (OHIO).     Jim's aim is to have at least one mini bottle for each country in the world

         Seva Trakhtman (NEW JERSEY).          Seva specializes in mini vodkas. Highlight: Van Gogh

       Ski Country Decanters.        The official site for Ski Country Decanters. Nice pictorial guide

       Jim Beam Club.        Site of the Evergreen Beam Bottle and Specialties Club. The largest Jim Beam club

                     Shawn Paulsen (USA).                      A "bulletproof" website, nicely designed: tequila, whisky, etc.

           Jim Duncan (KENTUCKY).            The most complete collection of Maker's Mark items

    Justin ""Wildcat" (KENTUCKY).     Very interesting blog about Maker's Mark whisky collecting

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