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Miniature bottle collectors in Asia & Australia






            Vincent Lee (HONG KONG)            Excellent selection of mini cognacs, for sale!




                Igor Geifman (ISRAEL).                 Nice collection of cognac, based in Israel

                               Rotem (ISRAEL).                                Rotem tends to specialize in vodka and bourbon

               Hadi (ISRAEL).                The site is in Hebrew, but shows a nice video / interview




                  Kenbo (JAPAN).                 Good pictures and unique Whiskey Advertising Gallery!

                                Takamasa Masuda (JAPAN).       In Japanese and in English, great for Whisky and Brandy

              Kazuo Yoshida (JAPAN)           Whiskies from all over the world, classified by topic

              Yasuyuki Nakai (JAPAN)           About 1,600 whiskies, and some nice cognacs too!

               Cognac miniature gallery (JAPAN)                 Excellent site for cognac, both in Japanese and in English

      JAPANESE COLLECTORS       Stunning pictures of ceramic bottles, mostly large

             Hiina Morisada (JAPAN)            Honoring her grandfather's collection of figurals. Nice range!

               Zav11223 (JAPAN)              Visit if you speak Japanese - or you'll be lost!

               Tatsuaki Sakai (JAPAN)              Great information about Bourbon and Kentucky. In Japanese

                           Maltbank (JAPAN)                          Site in Japanese, a lot of information about Malt Whisky




                     Zzanggu's father (KOREA)                    The first Korean miniature liquor bottle website



New Zealand       

                NZMBC                Site of the former Port Nicholson miniature bottle club

       David Smith (NEW ZEALAND)      A large collection of figural and straight minibottles

       Peter Bonkovich (NEW ZEALAND)       Collection of miniature bottles in Wellington, NZ

    David & Val Fretwell (NEW ZEALAND)    Very nice collection of figural miniature bottles




      Alan Low (SINGAPORE)       Pretty pictures of over 2,000 cognacs; well organized.

        Kelvin Locke (SINGAPORE)       New site, relatively small collection but nice pictures




         Thomas Hu (TAIWAN)        Now in English, a very nice website... Cool minis.. growing fast!




           Jack Kao (VIETNAM)          Features videos and good reference material. Prefers cognac


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