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Miniature bottle collectors in Europe



                  Stefan Creten (BELGIUM).                   Great collection of whisky jugs and gin

                     Peter & Fantje (BELGIUM).                      Peter specializes in Vodka miniatures




      Dimo (BULGARIA).       Collection mostly displayed in the restaurant "Bartered Bride" in Varna




                  Bruno Butulija (CROATIA).                   Website from Polish collector, in Polish



Czech Republic       

      Jaroslaw Kuba (CZECH REPUBLIC).       Extensive list of Czech ceramic miniature bottles

     Czech collector (CZECH REPUBLIC).      Nice website, collects mainly whisky, cognac and vodka




            Claude Berthod (FRANCE).             Beautiful pictures of ceramic miniature bottles

               Christian Magnant (FRANCE).                Great collection of French miniatures

         Bernard Dhainaut (FRANCE).          New site in French, collection of 6,000 minibottles nicely displayed

        Patrick Henck (FRANCE).        Site in French, collection of Cognac, Armagnac, etc.

               Alain Piot (FRANCE).                Site in French, shows pictures and a list of mini bottles

              Jean_Michel Fundenberger (FRANCE).               Specializing in French cognac miniatures

                       Thierry Gelin (FRANCE)                   Site in French, specializing in Black & White whisky

     Remy Red (FRANCE)       Site in French. Cognac minis are nicely displayed by brand

             Ludivine et Lilian (FRANCE).               Enthusiastic French couple prefers whisky, cognac and armagnac

          Laurita (FRANCE).           A simple website from a French collector of general minibottles

                          Fréderic Grillot (FRANCE).                           Interesting website with artistic animations and great pictures

            Mignialcoll (FRANCE).             A rudimentary website from a new collector in France




        Peer Geisler (GERMANY).         Close to 7,00 miniatures, from Germany (near Berlin)

              Wolfgang Reißig (GERMANY).               Over 2,200 mini bottles from collector in Zirndorf, Germany.

    Wolf Jens-Uwe (GERMANY).     Unique Vodkas from East Germany, among others

                Harry Krüger (GERMANY)              Over 4,000 minis, plus Johnnie Walker memorabilia

            Fabian (GERMANY).             Nice whisky miniatures, also collects wodka, rum, etc.

               Hugo Apel (GERMANY).                Lots of "Miniaturflaschen" in panorama pictures



Great Britian (UK)       

                  Chris Rymer (UK).                   A well-known website, with interactive features

                    Ben Woodward (UK).                     Young Ben from Derbyshire collects Scotch whisky miniatures

          Derek Todd (SCOTLAND).        Mini collection and also great information about Scotch distilleries!

       Laurie Drake (UK)     A long-time collector, Laurie is about to publish a book on mini spritis

                 Bert Thomson (UK).                  Rare single malt, Yellowstone and Glenmorangie minis

                     Rodney Dunn (ENGLAND).                      Johnnie Walker, Bells and blown glass

              The Barclay Collection (UK).              Great information about Malt Whisky miniatures

            Kay Morris (UK).             Interesting new website. Kay specialises in single malt whiskies




         Alberto Moizo (ITALY).          Claims to be the first Italian site dedicated to miniature bottles

          Giuseppe Savoca (ITALY).           Website with a great database of Italian minibottles

               Gino Zanella (ITALY).                Well presented site, sells miniatures. Good search capabilities

               Giuseppe Candiano (ITALY).                Italian miniatures of vino rosso antico (Buton)

               "The Joker" (ITALY).                Animated site with lots of "Jokers", collects whisky




    Wouter Rijnbende (NETHERLANDS).     All about RYNBENDE, from a direct descendant!

      Rob van Staveren (NETHERLANDS).       The most complete collection of Hulstkamp decanters

       Leon Theuws (NETHERLANDS).        2,000 minis specializing in Scottish malt whiskies

      Paul Verstappen (NETHERLANDS).         A great collection of whisky miniatures from over 40 countries

     Edwin Kemner (NETHERLANDS).      Over 3,900 Dutch bottles. Nice blown glass.

       "Sierkurk" (NETHERLANDS)        Nice figurals, especially the Dutch ones. Cool bottle stoppers too.

        Theo Kiewiet (NETHERLANDS)         Great place to buy KLM houses and special editions.

    Ate Gjaltema (NETHERLANDS).    Nice website, featuring Black & White, Malts and even tins

      Ed van Zonneveld (NETHERLANDS).      Information about the KLM houses and buildings




          Morten Hanssen (NORWAY).           Collectors Morten and Ingunn, from Norway

        Mini Botle Gallery (NORWAY).        Impressive minibottle gallery owned by Christian Ringnes




                Slawek (POLAND).                Elegant website, presented in English and Polish

       Bartosz Utracki (POLAND).        Polish collector building his site with enthusiasm

              Wojtek Bienkowski (POLAND).               Website from Polish collector, in Polish

           Adam Hologa (POLAND).            Relatively new website from a Polish collector

                  Mysterious collector (POLAND).                   Polish collector website with great potential

                    Adam Bodzio (POLAND).                     Nicely created website from Poland

          Lukasz Czajka (POLAND).           Fun site, Lukasz collects coganc, whisky, vodka

        Minialkohole (POLAND).         Claims to be the first Polish site about minibottles

                Roman Berlinski (POLAND).                 Nicely built site, only in Polish (no English)

    Darek (POLAND).     Impressive site featuring "all single malt whisky minibottles known"




           Alex Bondarenko (RUSSIA).            Not only vodkas but cognac, tequila and other

           Max Vadimov (RUSSIA).            Vodkas, plus the history of Russian miniatures

            Anton Botvinko (RUSSIA).             Miniatures from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, and other countries.

                Ilya Lipis (RUSSIA).                 Great pictures of Ilya's collection, classified by type

   Andrey Vaseleyev (RUSSIA).    Website in English from a Russian collection of Vodkas

                   Hovard (RUSSIA).                    Nice map of Scotch distilleries, KLM houses, etc.

                         Alexander Molyarenko (RUSSIA).                          Great site for absynthe and other miniatures

                Alexandra Schnoor (RUSSIA).                 Enthusiastic female collector from Russia

       Michael from Moscow (RUSSIA).            Among others, features bottles from countries that don't exist anymore




     Vladimir Srubar (SLOVAKIA).      Nicely built website featuring whisky and other liqueurs




     Miguel Angel Domínguez (SPAIN).      Nice website from new collector "Don Botellines"

                  Luis Campos (SPAIN).                   Special highlight: minibottles featuring ships

                 Francisco Palou (SPAIN).                  25 years collecting. New site in 3 languages

                Jorge Carlos Rodríguez (SPAIN).                 Elegant website and collection started in 2000

                 J. Manel Marchena (SPAIN).                 Entertaining site in Spanish and in Catalan

                  Samuel Gonzalez Moriyon (SPAIN).                   Site in English, Spanish and German

                Francisco Gil (SPAIN).                 Designed to become a portal to host other collectors' sites

                    Manuel López (SPAIN).                    New website from a collector in Madrid

                      Miguel Palouf (SPAIN).                       New website in Spanish and in English

      Maria Gonzales Abuin (SPAIN).          A nice vodka collection. Sign the guestbook!

           Diego Cebollada (SPAIN).             New website from enthusiastic new collector

      Manuel Viceira (SPAIN).           Very good Spanish website about minibottle collecting

            José Casaña Orts (SPAIN).           "Kwissy" collects minibottles, Dragonball, coins, etc

                    Iñigo Armendáriz (SPAIN).                   New website with many interactive features

                        Fran & Lali (SPAIN).                        New enthusiastic collectors from Ibiza, Tenerife

                         Carlos Santillán (SPAIN).                         Old American and Canadian whiskies




               Ulf Buxrud (SWEDEN).                Whisky page for "The Keeper of the Quaich"




               Tufan Koc (TURKEY).                New collector based in Istanbul, Turkey




        Vitaley Dzyba (UKRAINE).         Great range of 'Kazenka' Vodkas, among others

             Minibottles Kiew (UKRAINE).              Site in Russian, includes several pictures of collector shows

       Svetlana "Tisha" (UKRAINE).       Very nice website in Russian, photos of "Alkominimalistov"

                Chups (UKRAINE).                 New site, new collection, some nice features


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