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Collectors from Latin America

mini miniature liqueur liquor bottles minibottles



                     Gustavo Flores (ARGENTINA).                      New collector from Argentina

             Botellitas Humar (Hugo y Marilú)              Very actively engaged new collectors

            Leonardo Viñas (ARGENTINA)            New site from Leo Viñas, a blog in Spanish




       Silvio Gebram (BRAZIL)        Impressive displays of a collection that will be sold soon

                       Giovani Moser (BRAZIL).                       A new site from a young Brazilian collector




        Eduardo Quiñones (CHILE).         The largest Chilean collection of mini-bottles

           Mario Arancibia (CHILE)           New collector from Chile, colorful website, good information and links

      Juan Esteban Gross (CHILE)      A colorful collection of whisky, cognac and other

               Antonio Gálmez (CHILE)               Antonio collects and also sells minibottles

                 Carlos Cuevas (CHILE)                 New enthusiastic collector, has over 1,000 bottles

          Abelardo Cabezas (CHILE)          Very well documented new site - old whiskies!




     Francelina de Pico (COLOMBIA).      Website built like a poem! A wonderful journey

      Jose Fernando Escobar (COLOMBIA)      General collector from Columbia; interesting




         Julio Montes (GUATEMALA).          A must-see for Johnnie Walker collectors!




                              Lourdes Celorio (MEXICO).                              Fantastic collection of tequilas

                Mauricio Pons (MEXICO).                 The largest Tequila collection of the world




       Fernando Saettone (PERU).           Beautiful house, beautiful pictures, stunning collection

                      Luis Muñoz (PERU).                      Young Peruvian collector. Nice site

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