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Vodka collectors

mini Vodka miniatures

Vodka Wodka Boaka

   George Lisenko (California, USA).     The largest mini Vodka collection in the world !!


       John Sullivan (California, USA).           A nice vodka collection. Sign the guestbook!


   Alex Bondarenko (RUSSIA).     New website from young Russian collector Alex Bondarenko


              Andrey Vasileyev (RUSSIA).              Well classified presentation. In English!


     Edward Bielawski (USA).     Nice website, over 1,000 mini vodkas, easy to browse.


    Anton Botvinko (RUSSIA).    Nice website in English, vodkas from various countries


    Wolf Jens-Uwe (GERMANY).     Unique Vodkas from East Germany, among others


        Russian Collector (RUSSIA).         Vodkas, plus the history of Russian miniatures


        Bartosz Utracki (POLAND).         Polish collector building his site with enthusiasm


        Vitaley Dzyba (UKRAINE).         Great range of 'Kazenka' Vodkas, among others


                Chups (UKRAINE).                 New site, new collection, some nice features


              Seva Trakhtman (New Jersey, USA).               Many pictures of vodkas. Highlight: Van Gogh


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