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mini Whiskey miniatures collectors

Whisky Scotch Whiskey Malt

         Leon Theuws (NETHERLANDS).                   Specializes in Scottish Malt Whiskies

             Paul Verstappen (NETHERLANDS).       Whiskies from over 40 countries, and distilleries!

  Jim Duncan (Kentucky, USA)   Stunning collection of Maker's Mark bottles and merchandise

                  Kenbo (JAPAN).                 Good pictures and unique Whiskey Advertising Gallery!

                                Takamasa Masuda (JAPAN).       In Japanese and in English, great for Whisky and Brandy

    Ate Gjaltema (NETHERLANDS).    Nice website, featuring Black & White, Malts and even tins

       Derek Todd (SCOTLAND).     Mini collection and also great information about Scotch distilleries!

             Chris Rymer (UK).       Site with great search capabilities. Bottles for sale, competition, etc.

        Fernando Saettone (PERU).         So far in Spanish, the best photos of Whiskey miniatures!

                 Harry Kr├╝ger (GERMANY)               Over 4,000 minis, plus Johnnie Walker memorabilia

        Laurie Drake (UK)     A long-time collector, Laurie is about to publish a book on mini spritis

                       Thierry Gelin (FRANCE)                   Site in French, specializing in Black & White whisky

              Kazuo Yoshida (JAPAN)           Whiskies from all over the world, classified by topic

              Yasuyuki Nakai (JAPAN)           About 1,600 whiskies, and some nice cognacs too!

                "The Joker" (ITALY).                 Animated site with lots of "Jokers", collects whisky

    Darek (POLAND).     Impressive site featuring "all single malt whisky minibottles known"


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